Welcome to United Railroad Services Inc.

We are passionate about our job. 

High standard of workmanship will add lasting value to your project.

As a corporation United Railroad Service Inc. (URRS)  strives to:

  • remain the safest service provider in the industry

  • form loyal partnerships with our customers

  • treating customers as trusted allies

  • provide services that maximize efficiency and reliability

  • provide customers with assurances that URRS will be there when needed

  • provide a dedicated work force that is highly skilled and trained

  • provide employees with a work atmosphere that encourages personal

  • professional growth, advancement potential and is a rewarding place to work

We Are a full service railroad contractor that specializes in:

*Track Consultant

* New Track Installation

* Rehab. Maintenance

* 24 Hrs. Emergency repairs

* CWR Continuous Welded Rail

* Track Surfacing

* Tie Replacement

* Track Removal